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Skåneidrotten är Riksidrottsförbundets och SISU Idrottsutbildarnas regionala organisation i Skåne.

Vårt uppdrag är att stödja, företräda, utveckla, leda samt bilda och utbilda distriktets idrott.

About Skåneidrotten

Skåneidrotten is the united name for Skåne Sports Federation and SISU
Sports Education Skåne (SISU Idottsutbildarna Skåne) and is the regional office of Riksidrottsförbundet, Swedish Sport Federation.
Skåneidrotten has offices in Malmö, Kristianstad, Helsingborg and Ystad.

Our main goals are
•to represent and support the organized sports movement in Skåne
•to coordinate and create opportunities for the Skåne sports movement development
•being the Skåne sports movement educational and training organization


In order to:

  • Form, train and develop sporting activities
  • Creating conditions and resources
  • Provide service

Board of Directors
Skåneidrottens board consists of nine members, which
Jane Anderson is chairman of both Skåneidrotten and SISU Idrottsutbildarna Skåne

Developing Sports - Idrotten vill
Our starting point is Idrotten Vill, which is the sports movement common ideas and values ​​document.
We will in all activities starting from sport needs.
We will inspire and encourage continuous development and improve the sport form and content.
Openness, commitment and credibility will characterize what we say and our way of being. This is the relationship and the interaction with our clients, but also between individuals and organizations.

Swedish Sports - the world's best a vision for the Swedish sports
Swedish sports want to be the best in the world for everyone at all levels. We want to continually evolve and improve both form and content. It is based on an autonomous and
comprehensive sports movement with strong unions and associations as well as an educational activity in the world. (National Sports Meeting 2011)
Since National Sports Meeting 2013, Scania also sport the task of harmonizing and seem more pliable to the National Sports Meeting adopted objectives and operational

Sweden - a sporting nation >>

To get further information you can contact us at This is a mailto link

or call us: +4610-4765700.

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Postadress:Skånes Idrottsförbund
Box 10063
200 43 Malmö

Besöksadress: Hyllie Stationstorg 2
215 32 Malmö

Kontakt:Tel: 0104765700
Fax: +46406005901
E-post: This is a mailto link

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